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About Asteriia

I'm here to help you trust your intuition, connect to your higher self and create the life you want to live, using Tarot as your guide. Tarot brings insight into your inner world and provides you with knowledge to overcome the difficulties and enjoy triumphs that make us who we are, and how to bring that self knowledge into our everyday lives. It encourages you to create a path that is uniquely yours. 


Tarot helps you see, acknowledge and reflect all parts of your life. Knowing and accepting yourself, empowers you to live in balance with yourself and others, it also helps you create a sacred space to recognize and appreciate those deepest, most mysterious parts of ourselves. 


The stories the cards tell are familiar to each one of us. These stories form the inspiration for meaningful relationships and connections in your life. We are all going through the same journey. Tarot’s communication with us consists of our experiences, and once you’ve learned to interpret it, it gives you the perspective to see the events of your life in many different ways. Tarot isn't about predicting your future. It's about creating your future.


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